Buy or rent?

Buy or rent?

Buy is a good option if you have a lot of free time, more than 40/50 days a year. In any other case it is more profitable to rent.

Traveling by motorhome is a dream for many. Travel freely, without haste, outside the traditional circuits and know that you will always have a bed and a bathroom, but the big question that many caravanning enthusiasts ask themselves is whether to rent or buy. The practical answer to this question is easy: they are numbers that we will now see. The emotional response is tremendously difficult and is as particular as each one of us. How much do I want to be the owner of a motorhome? However, at this point we will not enter, and we will stay in the analysis of the purchase and rental numbers themselves.


A new motorhome to travel four people, with an optional equipment suitable for not depending on anyone and that is comfortable is around 55,000 euros, to this base price we have to add the costs of insurance, road tax, maintenance and small expenses general caused by a motorhome. These annual fixed costs are between 1,200 and 1,400 euros / year. If we also want our motorhome to be well protected we will have to add between 700 and 1,000 euros of a covered garage per year. Total, in fixed expenses we assume between 1,900 and 2,400 euros / year. These are the minimum annual holding costs, then we will compare them with those of various rental periods. If we do the math, and we see a 50% depreciation of the vehicle in 10 years, we will have annual motorhome expenses of around 5,000 euros / year.


Renting means enjoying a good for the exact time you want to enjoy. As this is the case, we ignore the costs of insurance, maintenance, taxes, garage ... We will only pay the cost of the rent or rentals we make. Suppose that we rent fifteen days in summer, seven in Easter and two weekends in the middle season, this being a case of intensive rental use, the cost of those 28 days of enjoyment will be 4,456 euros. If we use a more moderate use, 15 days in summer and a weekend in the middle season, the cost drops to 2,844 euros / year, always with NOMADAC Motorhome Rental rates for a Capuchina model.

At the end

In either case it is cheaper to rent. From the periods indicated in the first case, the purchase must be considered, not before, for economic reasons. Now, if the illusion of a person is to own a motorhome, there is no doubt that it should be bought. There are NOMADAC travelers who often ask us these questions and our answer always has to do with the free time that each one has. Are you retired and do you travel often? Purchase. Are you going to enjoy it more than 40/45 days a year? Purchase. In any other case and for economic reasons, rent. Of course, always with a formally established company, such as NOMADAC, where motorhomes have not been in use for more than two years.